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Universal solutions for fund exchange between payments providers. There is nothing easier than swaping funds!

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You can send money from one payment to another including bitcoin with our trusted vendors

Multicurrency account

Keep money in your favourite platform and transfer money to another platform only by starting a trade

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Merchant integration

Accept payments on your site using a simple HTML form and IPM notifications

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Protect purchase

Buy goods and pay for services, and if something goes wrong, we will refund money

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ZipWallet unites buyers and vendors around the world

Join thousands of ZipWallet users around the world

Safe and secure

Buy and do not worry about the consequences. If you do not receive the goods we will refund the money to your account!

Invoice system

Issue bills to your customers, get paid and withdraw funds from your account in convenient payment directions!

Shops and payment

Pay for goods and services on the site. Choose a store, enter a note for payment and make a payment—é It's fast and safe!

Exchange currency

Exchange and store different currencies in one purse. You will be pleasantly surprised by the exchange rate of currencies!

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