how to deposit funds fro  paypal to zipwallet and to Bank Transfer or Mpesa or Western Union

  1. 1.Log in to your paypal account on
  2. send money
  3. 3.enter amount
  4. 4.enter recipient as
  5. 5.under description enter the following information "Deposit for -----your zipwallet username--
  6. submit
  7. the deposit details to and your funds will be updated

kindly note you need to see exact value of how much you should expect in your zipwallet account

to move funds to your bank account

  1. ensure you have updated your account information under billing tab under account settings button
  2. click withdraw button on zipwallet
  3. enter the amount in USD
  4. select the withdrawal method 
  5. and click send money thats it ,

to your Mpesa

  1. mpesa accepts KES not usd currency hence  click currency exchange button
  2. enter amount in usd you want to convert
  3. your amount will be converted to you KES account
  4. click withdraw
  5. enter amount and select currency as KES 
  6. tap on Mpesa method
  7. click send money and confirm

to Western union cash collection

  1. click withraw 
  2. enter amount 
  3. tap on bank transfer
  4. and click send money